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To make use of these tokens, two scenarios were suggested:
  • Loading external configurations
  • Replacing Angular localization
The following were the two series in which we go through implementing both scenarios.
Begin the series, and continue reading on Sekrab Garage blog.
  1. Alternative way to localize in Angular
  2. Serving multilingual Angular application with ExpressJS
  3. Serving the same Angular build with different URLs
  4. Serving a different index.html in an Angular build for different languages
  5. Currency Angular pipe, UI language switch, and a verdict
  6. Pre-generating multiple index files using Angular Builders and Gulp tasks to serve a multilingual Angular app
  7. Using Angular APP_BASE_HREF token to serve multilingual apps, and hosting on Netlify
  8. Multilingual Angular App hosted on Firebase and Surge with the same build
  9. Alternative way to localized in Angular: Conclusion and final enhancements
The series to load external configuration, was accepted on website. Find the link below 👇🏼
That’s it for this issue. Thanks for tuning in, let me know if you have issues or comments.

External Configurations in Angular - Angular inDepth
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Ayyash @sekrabbin

sekrab: a small piece or amount of something, especially one that is left over after the greater part has been used. Pronounced in Arabic.

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